Our strategy follows two tracks. On the one hand we are focused on constantly improving our commercial and operational excellence in our core activities, while on the other we are investing in the development of mainly technology-driven services that provide high added value in the field of human capital. These are two complementary tracks that directly strengthen our competitiveness and ensure the transformation to a more digital and technology-driven USG People. At the same time USG People is focused on combining top-notch technological solutions with personal services. Our activities are distinctly positioned within four specialist star brands: Start People, Unique, Secretary Plus and USG Professionals. The star brands are focused on a specific market segment which their infrastructure – i.e. their distribution network, client and candidate networks, technology applied and expertise at hand – is fully geared towards. This enables us to provide the best solutions in each market segment. The positioning is concentrated on four neighbouring core countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. These countries form a market currently valued at almost € 60 billion, which provides fundamentally good opportunities for growth and healthy returns. Our strategy leads to the maximisation of talents, financial and social value creation for all stakeholders, and therefore to a sustainable business model.

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